House Concert with Jess McAvoy

Well, the nights are crisp, the trees are filled with colour..what a fabulous time of the year here in Melbourne town…

and what a fabulous time was had at the recent house concert i had the pleasure of playing with the delightful Jess McAvoy.

With only a handful of weeks left until Jess relocates to New York, the lucky patrons of this event experienced an unforgettable night of music and banter..and lots of laughing (and not just the sound of Jess and I laughing at our own jokes), although we are unbelievably funny at times.

Here are a couple of delightful pics taken by our favourite photographer Kimberley Magain.

10309343_10152805842044392_3145219832739502141_n 1604733_10152805842094392_2008480657371195260_n

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